Window Covering Treatment

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Window Covering Treatment - Brooklyn

Window Covering Treatment

All solutions to window treatment are here! Offers from A&B Carpeting

Are your windows dusty? Or are they rusted? Can’t you see properly through them? Well, it’s time to contact A&B Carpeting then. It’s been 3 decades now that we, at A&B Carpeting, have been offering to houses and commercial buildings in NY, our best-certified window cleaning services.

A glimpse at our service:

  1. We offer personalized window cleaning service

  2. We customize our cleaning strategy to best meet your requirements

  3. We use all eco-friendly products: 100% authentic and have green certification

  4. We carry all advanced tools and equipment along with us

Never hesitate to open the windows to see a larger world.”

A&B Carpeting aim at providing the top quality window cleaning service at best competitive price. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

What services do we provide for your window?

Cleaning: Say goodbye to germs!

Cleaning the windows is quite a strenuous job, so let us do it for you. With us, be assured to get a crystal clear result.

We clean everything from soft to hard coverings of your window. From uninstalling them to washing, drying, ironing and re-installing, we provide complete service for you. We follow the three main cleaning procedures –

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Dry Fabric Cleaning

  • Steam Cleaning

Our team can efficiently remove all the stains, dust, bacteria and other microbes; they can remove smudges from the glass and offer you a germ-free, sparkling cleaning.

Damaged window coverings? We repair!

No worries if your favorite window coverings have been damaged. Our team at A&B Carpeting can repair (sew, stitch, cut, latex, dye, seam repair, etc.) everything to make every corner as good as new. We have both the options open –

  • Clean at your premises

  • Clean at our facility

(whichever option seems feasible.)

Hence, be it cleaning or repairing, you can get solutions to all window-related problems from us.

Coming to window treatment:

Doesn’t matter whatever type of house or office building you have, windows are an essential part of setting the perfect ambiance within the interiors. The right treatment enhances and reflects the style and personality of the people residing there. So, for an aesthetically beautiful window treatment, here are 2 of the ideas you can always apply.

  1. Curtains and drapes –

These are the basics. If you want to keep the window décor minimalistic, you can get drapes and curtains. We have an excellent collection of them so that you can choose from a variety of colors, textures, styles, etc.

Both drapes and curtains:

  • Look very decorative

  • Can transform the personality of any room

  • Can block or filter light, play with soft breeze

  • Make the window look larger.


  1. Blinds and shades –

Believe us, blinds and shades are easy to maintain – just require swiping. They are both durable and attractive. You can go for faux wood blinds to give an uncomplicated look. Wooden shades add a tropical touch to your room. In our store, you will get a large variety of blinds and shades to match the décor of your room in the best way possible.

Once you purchase the new window coverings from our store, the team at A&B Carpeting will install them at your place.

Our company cares for you and of course, your windows. New Yorkers, contact us today to get a free quote. Let your window sparkle!

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