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Carpet Cleaning

Let us share your hassle of carpet cleaning at A&B Carpeting, NY

Well, there is a very deep relationship between microbes and your carpets. Allergens, fungi, bacteria, etc. find the fibers of your carpet to be the best comfortable places for breeding. As a result, they spread more germs, create an unhealthy indoor air and ultimately affect your health. No! We won’t just go on stating the problems; rather A&B Carpeting brings a customized carpet cleaning solution for you.

We clean your carpets at home, office, hotels, schools, etc. to remove germs, stains, spills, odor and everything.

Our highlights for carpet cleaning service:

  • We have specialized and tested methods of cleaning

  • We can remove the hardest of stains from your carpets

  • All members at A&B Carpeting are expertly trained

  • Our team uses only green certified cleaning products for safe environment

  • We offer free pickup and delivery

  • We offer free estimate

  • We work whenever it's convenient for you

A&B Carpeting offers competitive cleaning packages; get the best affordable rates with us.

Quick look into various features in our package

  1. Initial discussion and assessment before starting to work.

  2. Different cleaning procedures (shampoo cleaning, steam cleaning, deep cleaning)

  3. Zero risks of adverse effects on pets and children

  4. Deodorization and sanitization after cleaning

  5. Excellent treatment to pet stain and odor

  6. Special mold prevention measures

  7. Fast and well-organized work by team

  8. Removal of dander, dust mites, dirt, besides allergens

  9. No scuff marks will be left behind

  10. Increasing the durability of carpet fibers

  11. Preserving the value and sophistication of carpets

We take pride in our track record:

These are what make us the go-to carpet cleaners for all New Yorkers.

  1. Working in this industry for more than 30 successful years

  2. We are one of the leading cleaners presently in New York

  3. We are the biggest distributors of our 100% eco-friendly cleaning products to others such companies

  4. We have been supplying these products for the last 2 decades now.

With all these obvious reasons, you can trust A&B Carpeting if you are staying anywhere in New York. Apart from carpets, we also clean your area rugs and upholstery. You can call us anytime whenever you need our service.

Few more things on carpet cleaning:

Cleaning your carpets by professionals can make them last a few more years. Certain things can be done on your part to maintain the vibrancy of your carpets.

  1. Never rub stains. Instead, soak them up using a sponge or paper towels and your cleaning solution. Rubbing will spread the particles more on the fibers.

  2. Remove wax drips using heat. But make sure to place a white towel or cloth on it. Placing the iron directly on carpet would burn the fibers.

  3. For pet related issues, you need to use cleaners (organic ones preferable). But the fact is that it's going to be hard for you to track down.

  4. Regular vacuuming is a must to remove dust from the top layers.

In fact, there’s a lot more to carpet cleaning including soil extraction, fiber grooming, correcting creases, special drying, etc.

If you want us to take up all these hassles, chat with our representatives now! They will schedule a free estimate appointment to offer you quality service.

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