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Rug Repair

Don’t throw away your favorite area rug! A&B Carpeting can best repair it!

Well, at times, even your rugs need a spa. Yes! Much like the effects of a spa, your area rug will get back its vibrancy and sophistication after a skilled repair work, done by A&B Carpeting. We have a separate department of expert staffs who have answers to all your repairing issues. No matter what the material is, it’s machine made or handmade; there is nothing that our team can’t fix.

As you are desperately looking out for the best men to repair your area rugs, A&B Carpeting is always ready to answer your call.

Here are the things we do –

  • Fringe repairing

  • Serging and binding

  • Dyeing to renew color

  • Latexing

  • Patching and reweaving

  • Hand edge repairing

  • Restoring worn area

  • Correcting and replacing backings

  • Resizing

  • Restoring shape, etc.

We have specialization in Oriental rugs, Afghani rugs, hand knotted rugs, wool rugs, hooked rugs, tufted rugs, braided rugs, custom made rugs and more.

What will you get after our work?

After our team repairs your area rugs, these are the things you can expect:

  1. A new looking area rug

  2. Aesthetically Enhanced

  3. No stains or odor

  4. Elegant finish

  5. Increased durability

Once you call us, our incredibly efficient team will assist you in meeting your specific area rug repairing needs.

More about our work:

  1. Dyeing – For dyeing, we use 100% eco-friendly products.

  2. Weaving – For weaving and other repair work, we use the exact matching material to give back an original look.

  3. Binding – For binding, you can select the color and type of your choice.

At A&B Carpeting, we strive to offer highest customer satisfaction with top quality repairing service. Note that; we repair the area rugs at our facility. And we don’t charge extra; pickup and delivery are completely free.

Want to know some maintenance tips?

You can always reduce wears and tears in your area rug by following these maintenance tips here.

  1. Beware of sunlight! It would cause your area rug to fade

  2. Padding under the area rugs can help preserve its shape

  3. Gently brush the fibers to revitalize your area rug

  4. Take the rugs outside and beat them to shed off loose dust particles

  5. Rotate! Rotate! Rotate! Flip your rugs at least once a year

We are sure: you didn’t know these things about your area rugs!

  1. What damages the color of rugs?

More than stains, the harsh, toxic cleaners you use at home to remove stains are more harmful. Using those chemicals damages the rug color and fibers.

We use green certified solutions to remove stains and spills.

  1. What damages the texture or pattern of rugs?

If you place furniture on your rugs, consider changing the positions frequently. Keeping in the same position for a long time will damage the pattern and texture of area rugs.

  1. What most people don’t know?

Walk! Walk! Walk on the rugs. The more you’ll walk on your area rug, the more will its value increase.

Make the best use of your rugs; we are here to give you back its originality and classiness.

Choosing a professional: Experience is a must

While choosing a professional company to repair your rug, always ensure, they come with experience. As this leads to expertise and that gives the best repairing result.

A&B Carpeting has been successfully doing this business for above 30 years, and it’s continuing. With this wealth of knowledge, you can be rest assure to see satisfactory results on your area rugs that our skilled team will offer you.

Hire us for a specialized touch!

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