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Carpet Installation - Brooklyn

Carpet Installation

New Yorker’s carpet installation gets a one-stop solution with A and B Carpeting. You are desperately looking out for proficient experts who can offer you quality carpet installation at your premises, right? Well, be assured that you have come to the right place. A and B Carpeting is glad to offer you our trusted service for all your carpet installation problems. We are here to solve your worry. We are professional carpe installers, use the latest and most up to date equipment. With A and B Carpeting you will always get free pick-up, free delivery, free estimates, safe, chemical and odor free installations and ofcourse amazing service.

Carpet Buying

Carpet buying involves certain points that you must consider before finalizing on the product.

Which brand would you prefer?
What is the size is the room?
What is the color of the carpet you like?
Do you like the design and texture that you are choosing?
Check the quality of carpet fibers
Do the products have a warranty?

At A and B Carpeting, you will get a large variety of carpets from various reputable brands and in exclusive designs. And all our products come with manufacturer’s warranty. In case you are confused as which one to choose, our expert team is always there to guide you in your selection process. We will suggest you the best pick to match your requirements and home décor with necessary info.

Carpet Installation

Now, once you purchase the perfect product from us, let’s move on to its installation part. Our team will carry all the necessary equipment for proper installation of the carpets at your place. You don’t have to make any arrangements; just lead us to the room, and we shall do the rest for you.

A and B Carpeting team will remove the furniture for you.

We remove and dispose of any existing carpet, before installing a new one.

Although we work with utmost safety so that nothing is damaged, we request you to keep the fragile items like glass, etc. in a different place.

Keep your pets and children away from the place of work to prevent any sort of harm from our machinery.

Our team repairs, re-stretches and even disposes of the debris before and after installation. We make sure that you are at your best convenience.

What Carpets We Install

All Residential and All Commercial Carpets


Our Guarantee

At A and B Carpeting we are here to answer all of your questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If at the end of our service or drop off you see yours rug and you are not happy with the result we will absolutely redo it again for you at no extra charge. We work tirelessly to make sure our rug repair is to your standards. Unless a damage has been on your rug for quite some time or you treated your rug with a DIY product we will re-do our rug repair. Our repair service is so good we do not expect any redo. Sometimes a second repair does the trick. That is our guarantee to you!

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