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Upholstery Cleaning

Forget the 4 misconceptions; avail quality upholstery cleaning from A&B Carpeting!

The soft and hard upholstery adoring your room require frequent cleaning and proper maintenance. To ensure longevity and elegance of the materials, A&B Carpeting is here to offer you with top-quality upholstery cleaning service in New York.

We are one of the prominent and reputable companies who have been successfully offering our cleaning services to most residential as well as commercial establishments. We believe in providing you with highly effective results.

Our goals:

  1. To reduce the rate of indoor allergens

  2. To ensure a bacteria-free, fresh air quality

  3. To promote healthy living

  4. To enhance durability of your upholstery

  5. To augment the aesthetics and décor of your room with clean furnishings

Common misconceptions regarding upholstery cleaning:

Over our 30+ years of experience, we have come across most people who have certain misconceptions regarding upholstery cleaning. Those concepts ultimately lead to the damage of the materials.

We don’t want our clients (you) to believe those. Hence, here are the points.

  1. Wrong concept: Upholstery cleaning is just for removing dust

Fact: This is one of the major misconceptions people have. There is a lot more involved in upholstery cleaning than just removing the dust.

  • Health issues:

Indoor air also contains allergens, bacteria, fungi, etc., most of which are carried from outside. And these get deposited on your household stuff and soft furnishings. The microbes penetrate through the deeper layers of the fibers and contaminate, causing serious health issues like allergic reactions and asthma.

  • Fiber damage:

Apart from allergens, mildew and mold growth in the upholstery also cause fiber damage.

  1. Wrong concept: Wait for cleaning till you can actually see dirt

Fact: If you wait till your eyes can actually detect the dirt on your upholstery, you will actually have to throw away the products much early.

Material of the upholstery filters dirt quite quickly which again damages the fibers. To reduce the loss it will suffer, it is important to get professional upholstery cleaning every 6 months or once in a year.

  1. Wrong concept: The only method is dry cleaning

Fact: Absolutely not! Different methods are applied to different upholstery materials for the best cleaning.

At A&B Carpeting, we do use water to wash, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, quick dry, sanitize and deodorize for fresh and bacteria-free upholstery.

For instance,

  • For leather, a special liquid cleaner and leather conditioning lotion are used.

  • For microfiber, we deep clean the delicate fibers, extract maximum liquid, brush and clean it

[Note: A&B Carpeting team also cleans mattresses, headboards, linens, fabric walls, etc.]

  1. Wrong idea: Any professional cleaner with advanced machinery can do the job

Fact: If you believe so, you are going to end up with the wrong men at the job. Of course, advanced tools and machinery are essentials for best upholstery cleaning, but one should also have in-depth knowledge of operating those. It is equally important to know the right and safe techniques of using the machinery.

We do have the required expertise in operating state-of-the-art equipment.

We, at A&B Carpeting, have a vast knowledge on upholstery cleaning. The commitment of our professionals to deliver a satisfying result builds the confidence within us to guarantee a high standard upholstery cleaning.

Drop us your email if you have more questions. Chat with us directly to avail our service.

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