Water Damage Repair

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Water Damage Repair - Brooklyn

Water Damage Repair

Say good-bye to water damage problems| Restoration becomes easier with A&B Carpeting

If your household stuff (upholstery, curtains, area rugs, carpets, etc.) have suffered water damage; believe us, you don’t have the luxury to wait for the right time. With ticking of the clock, these things demand immediate attention at the earliest before further damage can occur. In that case, give us a call, and A&B Carpeting will take appropriate measures to restore the damaged products.

The threat of neglecting water damage:

If water damage is not treated in time, this will lead to mold growth, discoloration, fiber damage and more. And these will further cause health problems as well including respiratory problems, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, etc.

Preventing growth of mildew

Mildew is a very common thing you would notice just after water damage. A&B Carpeting takes extraordinary measures to remove mildew and molds from different damaged products. We also apply effective techniques to prevent further growth, ensuring to return your damaged things in their original form.

A&B Carpeting team uses eco-friendly deodorants to remove the musty smell of mildew completely from the restored stuff.

What you should avoid:

If water has damaged your carpet or upholstery, these are things you should definitely not do.

  • To suck up the water, never use your standard vacuum cleaner

  • Strictly avoid using any kind of electrical appliances

  • Without proper tools, never lift rugs and carpets from their edges (The threads would rip otherwise)

  • Don’t leave the curtains as they are. Instead, hang them on a rod immediately after damage

The team of A&B Carpeting will visit your place, inspect the damage condition, and offer you appropriate restoration work. We wash, deep clean, deodorize, sanitize, steam and dry before returning fresh, clean carpets, upholstery or drapes to you.

Remedies for fire damage:

Besides water, A&B Carpeting also has solutions to restore your possessions that have suffered fire damage.

  1. Soot:

In case of fire, soot is the primary cause that destroys various things in your house – especially the area rugs, carpets, upholstery, etc.

Minutes after the fire, the residues of soot settle causing permanent discoloration of porous materials. This soot causes staining of other surfaces as well. So, immediate restoration is highly required so that we can efficiently remove the soot from your property.

#Tip to follow –

Soot leaves stains quite easily as it is carbon-based. So, never try to wipe or rub the soot.

  1. Odor:

Another thing that fire leaves behind is an odor. A&B Carpeting has 100% non-toxic deodorants that are specifically manufactured for removing smoke odor.

Carpet pores expand from the fire heat and these release odors, especially during warm or damp weather conditions. At A&B Carpeting, we have high-powered vacuum cleaners that can suck out stains, odor, and soot.

#Point to note –

  Household deodorants or other chemical disinfectants cannot remove the strong smoke odor permanently. You need professional products for that.

Our customized procedures of restoration

Be it water damage or fire damage, the extent of destruction is different in every case and hence, requires different procedures for restoration. Our trained team at A&B Carpeting specializes in customizing the restoration techniques for catering to individual needs.

We guarantee to offer you top quality water and fire damage restoration service. Give us a call today. Let’s talk!

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