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Bed Bug Treatment - Brooklyn

Bed Bug Treatment

Are you sleeping with creepy creatures? Call A and B Carpeting for the remedy. Do you know you if are sleeping with small irritating creatures in your bed? There are wingless insects that enter your house and breed within the fibers and layers of your carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattresses. We are talking about bed bugs. Throughout the nation, New Yorkers, mostly, have reported severe infestation of these insects. In case you are suffering from the same, we have taken the experience to relieve you of this major problem. A and B Carpeting offers verified and proven bed bug treatment to remove these creatures from your home or office so that you are safe and healthy. With us at A and B Carpeting, you can have top quality bed bug services for a better environment.

Information Specifically for New Yorkers

As per data, the numbers of hotels infested by these blood sucking insects have increased between 2014 and 2015 by almost 44%. From the database of Bed Bug Registry, around 6000 cases of bed bugs are in New York only. We, at A and B Carpeting, have excellent solutions for this troublesome issue. Our team, supplied with market trends and demands, is equipped with the right set of machinery, products, and techniques to remove these creatures completely from every corner of your home. Our bed bug treatment specialists are trained well in the art of bed bug elimination and cleaning at the most cost effective way.

Our Effective Steps, Bed Bug Elimination

Our team visits your place for an initial inspection

We find out various spots for bed bugs’ presence (their skin, blood stains, feces, etc.)

After a discussion with you, we customized our treatment strategy for best results

With 100% green products and cutting-age machinery, we perform deep cleaning to remove every bug from deep within the fibers.

Treating these insects is a very challenging task as they are extremely good at hiding between crevices and cracks. Not one particular treatment can kill them, rather a range of procedures have to be applied. With our 30 years of experience, we know the right methods required for the task.

How To Avoid an Infestation

These are bloodsucking nocturnal insects. If you leave them untreated, you might suffer from major health problems like allergic reactions, insomnia and even, psychological conditions. But bed bugs do make a comeback. We hate giving fake promises. The truth is bed bugs keep coming back from various sources like clothes, purses, bags, upholstered surfaces, furniture and of course, other invested areas. Again, they not only hide in your mattress, but also in headboards, bed frames, upholstered furniture, etc. Hence, there are certain additional precautionary measures you must take to keep the growth of bed bugs in check.

Get your mattresses and upholstery professionally cleaned once in a year
At home, perform regular dusting and vacuum cleaning
In case you are traveling, clean all clothes and take good shower once you return
Keep your beds away from furniture and wall
Periodically, wash the pillow cover, bed cover, etc.
Wash your clothes regularly

Our Guarantee

At A and B Carpeting we are here to answer all of your questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If at the end of our service or drop off you see yours rug and you are not happy with the result we will absolutely redo it again for you at no extra charge. We work tirelessly to make sure our rug repair is to your standards. Unless a damage has been on your rug for quite some time or you treated your rug with a DIY product we will re-do our rug repair. Our repair service is so good we do not expect any redo. Sometimes a second repair does the trick. That is our guarantee to you!

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