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Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are priceless, aren’t they? Have you cleaned them?| A&B Carpeting

Believe us; there is no specific season for area rug cleaning. If you sincerely wish to protect your investment, you should clean those rugs periodically or once a year. At A&B Carpeting, our team will best guide you with all such necessary information as well as quality service.

Your area rugs!

No matter how old is your area rug, this stuff is excellent works of art that enhance the décor of any room. But high traffic and continuous use trap a lot of dirt and damage the fibers, with molds and allergens growing within the deep layers. In this case, only right care and maintenance would increase its durability and preserve its value to a great standard.

We offer exactly the same. Additionally, cleaning services from us will also keep up the vibrancy of color and strength of the material of your area rug.


Of the total amount of dirt removed by your standard vacuum cleaner, 20% of those again fall back down, and it’s not possible for you to trace and remove those.

Moreover, when these rugs are cleaned at home, you most of the time vacuum it in the same place (floor) where it has been lying for years now. Under all possibilities, you aren’t much aware of the requirements of that specific fiber material as well.

But with us, you can always be on the profitable side.

Perks with A&B Carpeting in regards to area rug cleaning:

Let’s point out the benefits of availing our service:

  1. We don’t use one-for-all cleaning methods. Rather, we customize our techniques as per material and condition of area rugs.

  2. From steam cleaning to deep cleaning, we offer everything.

  3. The products we use for cleaning are all green certified. Those are eco-friendly; hence, non-toxic, completely harmless and promote fresh air quality.

  4. We clean all sizes of rugs (from smaller ones of 2’ by 3’ to bigger ones of 20’ by 30’)

  5. Our team is capable of removing 99% of the hardest stains and spills (including ketchup, blood, ink, tea, coffee, red wine, soy sauce).

  6. From Moroccan, Afghani, Oriental to Pakistani, Indian, and Flokati, our professionals clean every type.

Apart from cleaning, we also deodorize the rugs for a fresh smell and sanitization. A&B Carpeting encourages sustainability of the environment, besides your good health.

What are the other reasons to choose us?

We give you more reasons to choose us.

  • We are working in this industry for more than 30 years now. Experience matters!

  • We are the biggest distributors of eco-friendly solutions to cleaning companies in New York

  • Over the years, we have cleaned more than 60,000 area rugs and carpets in both residential as well as commercial establishments

  • Our team performs initial assessment before finalizing on the appropriate method

  • We offer free quotes, free pickups and free delivery for our clients

  • We clean both at your premises and at our facility, depending on certain factors

So, why wait further? Don’t you want to preserve the value of your area rug? Then call A&B Carpeting today! Our team is ready to offer their service.

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