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Rug Restoration

Your area rug restoration problems and worries end now. At A and B Carpeting we do all restoration services from the smallest job to the biggest restorations. A and B Carpeting specializes in area rug restoration for over 20 years. Are you desperately looking out for such a service? Well, you have certainly come to the right place. Working in this industry, we are a reliable and reputed company in New York, offering a broad range of restoration services for your area rugs. We restore the rugs at our facility. With A and B Carpeting you will always get free pick-up, free delivery, free estimates, safe, chemical and odor free restorations and ofcourse amazing service.

Why Choose A and B Carpeting

Skilled workers providing flawless restoration results
Restore your area rugs from any type of damage
We correct wrinkles and creases in your rugs
We strengthen the fibers of the rugs ensuring longevity
We correct split seams, bad backing, wear, and tear, etc.
Special procedure is applied to fire and water damage
We offer measures for mold prevention
We can match fibers accurately

While restoring any area rug, it is important to use exact matching type and color of the fibers. Our experience has made us highly proficient in choosing the correct material for giving you back your original rug with an enhanced value. What type of area rug do you have? Is it Oriental, Afghani, Moroccan, or anything else? A and B Carpeting has access to all the necessary resources for offering top quality products for your rugs. Let your favorite area rug keep up its vibrancy for years.

Our Services Include

Fringe repair or replace
Binding or Surging repair or replace
Weave your damaged rugs
Restore holes
Restore damage from moth infestation (be it minor or major)
Restore area rugs damaged by water
Restoration and repair for fire damage
Resizing of the rug
Re-fringing when required
Dying with green certified products


How will you determine what type of restoration is required?

For that, our team will discuss with you regarding your expectations and needs. We will perform an initial assessment to monitor the condition of your rug and then, finalize on the appropriate restoration work.

Do you give quotes?

Yes, A and B Carpeting provides you with free quotes. You can call us anytime for that.

Will you deliver the rugs after restoration?

We offer free pick-up as well as deliver your area rugs.

Would you guide for better maintenance?

Of course, we will. We will offer you complete guidance on better maintenance of area rugs.

How long would you take for restoration work?

Well, that depends on the type of restoration. For an overall idea, we might require 1 week as well as 60 days. Our team would let you know everything in detail beforehand.

Our Guarantee

At A and B Carpeting we are here to answer all of your questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If at the end of our service or drop off you see yours rug and you are not happy with the result we will absolutely redo it again for you at no extra charge. We work tirelessly to make sure our rug repair is to your standards. Unless a damage has been on your rug for quite some time or you treated your rug with a DIY product we will re-do our rug repair. Our repair service is so good we do not expect any redo. Sometimes a second repair does the trick. That is our guarantee to you!

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