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Commercial Services

A&B Carpeting| Are you desperately looking for commercial cleaning services?

Nowadays, parents in New York are extremely concerned about the hygiene of their children, especially when they are out of their sight – in schools. In fact, they are very selective in choosing the best institution based on its cleanliness factor where kids will be spending their maximum time. If you have an educational institution, it is of foremost importance to invest in its cleaning – the carpets to be more specific. Avail the wide range of commercial services at A&B Carpeting.

You can call carpets as the breeding grounds of harmful bacteria and allergens. These also act as excellent filters for dust and dirt. Hence, schools having high traffic always need professional carpet cleaning to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Our services for your educational institution:

From pre-school to high school, we extend our commercial carpet cleaning services in every educational institution. Thanks to our proven methods, we offer strict quality assurance cleaning strategies that help us meet current market challenges and demands regularly.

  1. We ensure longevity of the products we clean

  2. We can remove stains and odors

  3. We use deodorants and sanitizers for fresh carpets

  4. We work on weekends, holidays early morning and evenings without interrupting regular school schedules

  5. We promote health and hygiene

  6. We create a motivating ambiance in schools

Apart from schools, we clean at day care centers as well to keep the carpets and environment free from bacteria and bio-pollutants. Little ones will be safe!

What do we clean other than carpets?

At A&B Carpeting, we strive to be your one stop company for all kinds of cleaning services. The things we clean, apart from carpets, are –

  • Area rugs

  • Upholstered furniture

  • Chairs and tables

  • Curtains, drapes, and blinds

  • Shades and windows

We promote sustainability of environment:

A&B Carpeting is committed to Mother Earth, and we want to put our best efforts in preserving this environment. With that motive, we make use of laboratory tested cleaning solutions that are 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic and completely safe for you, your pets and the environ at large.

All our products have green certification, and we are one of the leading suppliers of these solutions to other cleaning companies in and around New York for the last 20 years. We are highly reliable!

Extending our services to other commercial sectors:

Aesthetics play a useful role in decision making and deal finalizing in businesses. And here, A&B Carpeting is making this difference with expertise and experience (30+ years). We are proficient in cleaning carpets, upholstery, mattresses, blinds, drapes, etc. even in hotels, offices, real estate and other commercial areas also.

Cost and expenditure:

We cannot give you an exact cost idea here as that depends on a lot of factors. We can tell that only after our team has a talk with you. But this is an assurance that you will get high-quality service at best affordable prices. We even have discounts for our services. Grab the offer today!

Are you responsible for the cleaning of any of these commercial establishments? Feel free to contact A&B Carpeting as soon as possible. Our team is ready to sit with you for discussing the project. So, let’s get started!

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